What You Learn When You Go Vegan For One Month

This week I’d like to share four surprising things you learn by going vegan for one month. I am sharing the story of a Buzzfeed writer, Javier Moreno, who went from a meat obsessed, 60 eggs a week diet, to a vegan diet overnight, and stuck with it for four weeks. Why he was inspired to do this is not entirely clear in his article, but the results were fascinating.

You too may be asking yourself, “why would I even bother? I am fine with how I eat, how I look, how I feel.” Javier would have said the same as well. So let’s look at the four surprising things he learned while going vegan for one month!

SOURCE: http://www.buzzfeed.com/javiermoreno/this-is-what-i-learned-going-vegan-for-a-month#.od1EjbJGz