What It’s Like To Have Vegan Friends

You may or may not know that I just recently moved to San Francisco, California from Washington, D.C. I made the drive with my Dad last week and you can read about what I ate on the road as a vegan.

What you probably don’t realize is that I now officially have my first two vegan friends living in the same place I live!

While I have a few vegan friends and family members in other parts of the country, none of them lived in DC with me.

That’s ok, I’m used to being the only one refraining from eating meat.

But I didn’t really consider what it was like to have friends that ate the way I did too.

This past weekend me and some of my friends here in Cali rented a car and drove up to Santa Rosa, CA to watch the Tour of California bike race and do a hike. It was me, my buddy, his girlfriend, and his roommate.

My buddy and his girlfriend are both vegan, which means that we actually outnumbered his non-vegan roommate 3-1. I have never experienced that before. I’m always the 1, never the 3.

So we looked up a vegan plant-based cafe in Santa Rosa and had an amazing lunch. We stopped at a vegan Chinese restaurant back in San Francisco for dinner. And even dropped by a soft serve ice cream shop with vegan flavors for dessert!

It was great that we just did these things and didn’t have to worry. It was funny — my friend and his gf were constantly checking with his roommate to see if he was OK with where we were grabbing food, another role reversal, as most people usually have to check with me to make sure I can eat!

Of course he isn’t a carnivore so he found plenty 😉

It was funny how totally normal it felt to have a full menu at my disposal TWICE in one day and have friends eating the same type of food as me.

It was only in retrospect that I remembered that as a vegan my life isn’t usually like that anymore, and it was reminiscent of what it was like to be an omnivore.

If you are vegan, seek out other vegans. Of course don’t only hang out with other vegans. But do find them. Do yourself a favor and make some like minded friends, it goes a long way. Meetup.com is a great place to start. Search for vegan groups in your area. You’ll be sure to meet some good folks that don’t think it’s strange when you order the tofu bowl 😉

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