How People Get Healthier

Last night a friend came to town for the holidays. He happens to be a fan of the blog, and has recently gone vegan! So it was extra fun to see him now that we share the same diet, and to commemorate this, we decided to cook a healthy vegan meal at his parents’ house.

See, being Midwestern folk, they were pretty worried about what to feed their son while he was home, now that he was a crazy vegan.

In fact, they were very worried.

So we decided to take the reigns and show off what healthy plant-based vegan cooking can look like!

His mother had bought some black bean spaghetti, and though neither of us had ever had it, we decided to go for it. We roasted up some butternut squash, red onions, and garlic, and tossed it with the pasta and some balsamic vinegar.

We also whipped up an awesome spinach salad, and my friend made these bell pepper and avocado “bites” that were super delicious!

The meal was very well received. No one went hungry. We were all well fed 🙂

As we dined we discussed healthy eating and why I was a vegan. And I shared the main reasons that sparked the change, including that animal agriculture is the number one cause of climate change.

And sometimes you forget — this stuff is not well known.

This was the first his parents had ever heard that, and they were stunned. Yet they also were quick to understand why. If you look at it, it’s pretty easy to see how industrialized animal agriculture is an incredibly wasteful system, and how eating plants directly is much more efficient.

We also talked about the health benefits, and I shared my mother’s now 40+ pounds of weight loss after going vegan and my 20+ pounds! My friend even had a 10-15 pound weight loss story of his own from going vegan.

Did we convert both of his parents into vegans?

Of course not. That’s not how it happens. And that’s ok.

This is gradual. They both did say they were going to try to eat more vegan meals, and that is a start. A darn good start!

As I shared in a recent video, Meatless Monday’s are almost solely responsible for 800 million fewer animals being raised and slaughtered in the US annually since 2007.

Sometimes vegans see the outrageous industry that is animal agriculture and they want to scream at people until they are blue in the face and the person is forced into veganism. But that’s not how it works.

Have pleasant, open, and informative conversations over a nice plant-based meal. That’s my strategy, anyway 😉

Happy Holidays from Plantiful Health!

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