A Vegetarian Diet is WORSE for the Environment Than A Meat-Eating Diet

In case you missed the headlines yesterday there was some big news about vegetarian diets floating around the internet. New research has just shown that believe it or not a vegetarian diet is actually WORSE for the environment than a meat-eating diet!

This new study flies in the face of conventional wisdom and an entire body of research showing that vegetarian and vegan diets are significantly better for the environment. But everyone loves a contrary point of view, especially when it gives us good news about our bad habits!

See, it’s been a rough go for bacon recently. The World Health Organization recently declared that bacon and other processed meats cause cancer. And meat in general has come under fire as a top contributor to climate change.

So meat eaters were rejoicing at yesterday’s headlines, including that lettuce was three times worse for the environment than bacon!

So, how true is this claim and others that a vegetarian diet is actually worse for the environment than a meat-eating diet? What did the researchers actually find?