Why A Vegan Diet Is Too Extreme!

So. You go to the doctor for your annual checkup. The doc tests your cholesterol and tells you you are at a high risk for having a heart attack. Your arteries are clogged and it appears that surgery is coming.

The doc informs you that you will either need surgery to save your life, or, if you are open to it, you could switch to a plant-based diet for the rest of your life, which has been shown to lower overall cholesterol below 150 and make you virtually heart attack proof!

Intrigued by the possibility of avoiding surgery, you ask the doc to tell you more about this second option.

He tells you that a plant-based diet is one where all you eat are whole plant foods — things like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, nuts and seeds. You don’t eat any animal products — that means no meat, cheese or dairy, or eggs.

“Wait hold on a sec, you’re asking me to go vegan??? You must be crazy. That’s a pretty extreme thing to suggest don’t you think, give up all my favorite foods and just eat plants???, No thanks doc, you’re crazy! Just give me the surgery.”

Let’s look at this a little closer…