Tom Brady Eats Plants, Wins Super Bowls

Now I normally don’t subscribe to the theory that you should do things because famous people do them. But when those famous people are athletes that win Super Bowls and you are talking about the diet that helps them do it, I’m open to it.

A recent interview with the personal chef for New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady revealed that he and his wife eat a diet very dissimilar from standard American fare.

As the chef, Allen Campbell, states, Brady and his wife eat a diet based on whole plant foods.

While the two are not fully vegan, the chef estimates that they eat about 80% whole foods plant-based, with the remaining 20% of the diet coming from meat and fish.

I’m not here to focus on that 20%. Want to know why?

I’ll answer with a question.

Do you know what percentage of the average American’s diet is whole plant foods?

If you guessed 12%, you’d be right.

Now, do I believe that number should be 100%? Yes, definitely. If you can, you should get 100% of your daily calories from whole plant foods.

But when a Super Bowl winning quarterback, who is still performing at peak performance, is getting the vast majority of his calories from fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, whole grains and beans, well, I can’t help but celebrate.

People look up to pro athletes. It means something, what they do. And in the case of an athlete, the diet they choose is of particular interest, as they are constantly pushing their bodies to the limits.

So eat like Tom Brady. Get 80% of your daily calories from whole plant foods. Bonus if you can get to 90%, because at 90% the benefits are almost identical to going 100% vegan.

But 80 is good too.

Just do what you can, and get out there and win some Super Bowls!!!



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