Is It Ever “Too Late” To Start Eating Healthier?

You’ve lived a life of indulgence. You’ve never met a burger you didn’t like, and your diet has been “rich” for most of your adult life.

Unfortunately, after a recent visit to the doctor, you’ve learned that your arteries are completely blocked up. So severely blocked that surgery can’t even help you. Your heart is failing and modern medicine has given up on you.

The doc sends you home with a terminal diagnosis. You have just months to live.

Sadly this story is all too familiar for millions of Americans. In fact, heart disease kills more people than anything else in this country.

But what can you do when surgery is no longer an option? Is this really the final chapter of your story? Left sitting at home waiting to die?

In other words, is it too late to start eating right and taking care of yourself? Have you done so much damage to your system that there is no coming back? Is there REALLY nothing you can do but wait to die?