Everything I Ate Today | Vegan | Starch Solution | Raw Til 4

The second most common question I get when I tell people I am vegan (after “but where do you get your protein??”) is: “Uhh… so like, what do you eat?”

I guess it can be hard to imagine what you’d eat if you didn’t eat meat, dairy, and eggs! Those foods are unfortunately so common in America that we literally sometimes can’t imagine life without them.

Well let me tell you life is good. Real good. And tasty! And filling! And not all “rabbit food!”

I hope you enjoy watching a day in the life of a high carb low fat vegan. I shoot for 80/10/10 macro ratios (the food in today’s video landed spot on), and feel I eat somewhere in between starch solution and raw til 4. I definitely could increase my raw fruit consumption, and this is a goal for the coming months!

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