A Plant-Based (Almost Vegan) Athlete Just Beat Conor McGregor

Now I don’t follow UFC in any way, but I still know who Conor McGregor is. His personality is larger than life. His tattooed bulk frame, Irish accent, and machismo attitude epitomizes the sport of competitive fighting.

McGregor had a fight last weekend against Nate Diaz. Going into this battle, McGregor was undefeated in UFC fights.

He was the Ronda Rousey of male UFC fighters. No one expected him to lose.

But he did.

I don’t really care, since I don’t follow the sport. Sure I know him and his personality well, simply from being a sports fan, but the fact that he lost doesn’t mean a thing.

Except for one fact: Nate Diaz is vegan a plant-based athlete, following a mostly raw vegan diet.


A vegan just took down the world’s most accomplished and feared fighter.

Why does this matter?

This probably doesn’t matter to most of you reading this. You probably don’t follow UFC, don’t know who these people are, don’t care.

But you know who does?

The male roommate of one of my friends, who has no real knowledge of or interest in the vegan diet. About all he knows is that vegans supposedly suffer in their search for protein in their measly leaves they eat.

But as we sat around talking about how both of us are vegan and loving it, and trying to open his mind to it, I casually threw out this fact: “you know the guy who just beat Conor McGregor is vegan…”

His ears perked up. I had his attention. This stood out to him.

So no, the result of this UFC fight is not very important to my life. But is is very important to the vegan movement. Not because Nate Diaz needs to be an ambassador for the lifestyle. But because his accomplishments can speak to a demographic that other vegans simply can’t.

The strongest man in the world just got beat by a vegan. Deal with it.

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