28-Day Vegan

For anyone looking to kickstart a weight loss plan, starting with a 28-day vegan plan is probably the best thing you could possibly do.  The science is consistent and convincing that eating vegan contributes to weight loss, lowering of cholesterol, blood sugar, and risk factors for many of the leading causes of death.  Of course, you could eat potato chips and white bread and technically be vegan.

So what does a 28-day vegan plan look like?  It emphasizes the healthiest foods we know of, in their most whole form.  Yes, unfortunately, the answer here is not too sexy.  There isn’t one food that will make your body “torch fat cells while you sleep!”  A diet that focuses on these four food groups – fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and healthy proteins (beans and nuts) – will kickstart weight loss better than any pill or single “magical” food.  After 28-days, you can go back to incorporating some animal foods if you like, but you will have lost a ton of weight, you’ll be feeling more energized, looking better, and you will have started to rewire your body to crave healthy foods.  Remember too, you can do anything for 28-days!  It’s not that long, and you will see amazing results.

While there are countless stories and documentation of this working for people, I include a link to a video showing how a meat-loving cowboy from Arizona dramatically improved his health in just 28-days.  Your body knows how to repair itself, even in the face of serious risk factors or disease.  While people cringe at the word vegan (it has gotten a bad rap from certain groups that shall remain nameless), it is not as extreme as you may think.  In fact, for just about all of human history, the majority of the human diet has been vegan.  Why?  Simply because these foods are more abundant and easier to find and produce.  Meat was a novelty, enjoyed infrequently.  Not by choice, but simply because it was expensive – either to produce, or before agriculture, to “find” (hunt).

So really, while going vegan may feel like an extreme “experiment” in diet, the truth is that the American diet, which emphasizes meat, dairy, eggs, and processed foods, is by far the more extreme experiment.  And I hate to say it, but the jury has been pretty decisive in convicting this way of eating with just about all the leading causes of preventable death.  So, I ask you: what’s more extreme – eating most of your calories from plants, or continuing the way we eat now as Americans and risk the need for invasive surgery and life altering disease.  I think it’s a no-brainer.  Eat more plants!

Check out this 10 minute video about Rocco, the vegan cowboy, and watch his dramatic improvement in health.

Rocco, the Vegan Cowboy